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Do we need to meet before the wedding day itself? 

Telephone or face to face meetings prior to the day will depend on which package has been formally booked. Either way, we will have a chance to speak well in advance of the big day, to run over the timings and plan for your wedding day. Here is a great opportunity to talk over any specials requirements you might have or want to be included. As reportage wedding photographers we are dedicated to understanding your needs.

How does the payment procedure work? 

I normally ask for the final balance to be paid one week before the wedding day.

How do we plan the shots?

Our wedding photography services revolve around you. We make sure the guests feel comfortable and natural throughout the day.

We will ask you for a list of the different group combinations and names of guests to be able to arrange and produce group shots as naturally and quickly as possible.

Typical wedding photography shots include:

1)  Bride & Grooms with both sets of parents

2) Bride & Grooms with the ushers  & Bridesmaids

3) Bride & Grooms with brothers & Sisters

4) Bride & Grooms with Grandparents

5) Group photo of all wedding day guests

Five different group shots can often take half an hour, then your romantic photos with your new husband another before getting you back for that much needed drink!  And some quality down time with your guests and family in the meantime.


What time do you and Anna arrive?

This ultimately this depends on what time the ceremony is booked for.  But as general rule, we will arrive 2 and half hours before your ceremony start time. So, if you have a 2pm ceremony we will arrive for 11.30am.

What time would you like the Bridal Party ready for? 

I would ask the bridal party (The Bride & Bridesmaids) to be ready a minimum of 1 hour before the start of your ceremony, and if you are ready sooner then GREAT NEWS!  I like to spend quality time to acquire beautiful bridal photos which you will love. Please make sure you have informed the Hair & Makeup team of the timings for your photos so they can factor into their plan.